5 Things You Should Know About The Covid-19 Delta Variant

5 Things You Should Know About The Covid-19 Delta Variant

Sep 01, 2021

The world has seen the resurgence of a pandemic that was thought to be in its dying stages at some point earlier this year. The renewed spike in cases has been attributed to no other reason other than the emergence of the covid-19 delta variant. In this article, we will try to answer the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this variant.

Where Is The Delta Variant Of Covid From?

The first case of covid caused by the delta variant was discovered in India around December 2020. It was not the first variant to be identified though. We’d had the alpha, beta, and gamma first seen in Great Britain, South Africa, and Brazil. What exactly are variants and how do they differ from the main thing?

When a virus is first discovered, efforts go into understanding its structure. Details about the structure help scientists understand how it causes disease. This information is also useful in making vaccines against the virus. A variant arises when there is a structural change in the virus. This arises as a result of mutation. Most likely, a variant will display new characteristics not known about the virus. This should explain the challenge that the delta variant presents to efforts in combating the pandemic.

Why Is The Delta Variant Spreading Covid-19 Faster And Is The Delta Variant More Deadly?

Towards the end of July 2021, the CDC said that the delta variant Covid-19 accounted for over 80% of all new cases across the US. Remember when we talked about new characteristics in a variant? Here’s one that pertains to the delta variant. It is more contagious than the original strain, and research says as much as 50-60% more. This explains why the spread looks faster than usual.

From all looks of things, the delta variant is also a deadlier version of Covid-19. It spreads faster and affects more young people, especially unvaccinated ones. Researchers also say that the variant grows faster in the lungs.

How Long Does The Delta Variant Symptoms Last?

Since emergence, there have been many studies related to the coronavirus delta variant symptoms day by day. There are also questions about the delta variant incubation period and how it differs from what we knew before. The delta variant symptom timeline is another issue. What has been discovered?

So far, the symptoms of Covid-19 remain the same. However, doctors have noticed that people are getting sicker faster. This appears to affect young people more than adults. Come see us at Altus Emergency Center (Waxahachie) if you notice any unusual symptoms.

Is There A Vaccine Effective Against the Covid-19 Delta Variant?

There isn’t a delta variant covid vaccine. What we know is that the delta variant symptoms in vaccinated people are usually mild, if present at all. As of July 22, 97% of people hospitalized with Covid-19 are unvaccinated. Today, unvaccinated people are more likely to contract the virus, get hospitalized, and die.

There can only be one conclusion. Vaccination against the original strain of the virus is very important. As things stand today, it is our best bet against the pandemic! Reach out to us at Altus Emergency Center (Waxahachie) if you want to get vaccinated.

Can I Get Infected After Vaccination?

Yes, you can. Vaccination is not a guarantee against infection. No vaccine works at 100%. However, vaccinated people are less likely to show symptoms, get hospitalized and die. The CDC says that only 0.005% of the vaccinated population have been re-infected with the virus. These are known as breakthrough cases.

Researchers think that with a vaccine efficiency of 90%, only 10% of vaccinated people are at major risk of getting infected. If you’ve been vaccinated, you can protect yourself further by using your masks outdoors. Ensure regular handwashing and the use of a hand sanitizer. It’s best to avoid large gatherings where the vaccination status of people isn’t guaranteed.

Prevention remains the best option against the pandemic. Stay safe!

Reach out to us at the Altus Emergency Center (Waxahachie) if you have any concerns about the pandemic.

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