7 Tips to Protect Your Lower Back

7 Tips to Protect Your Lower Back

Aug 16, 2019

The lower back is an area that people often come to the ER in Waxahachie for. These pains can feel brutal, and there never seems to be enough relief. Patients who arrive at the emergency room near 75165 are generally people who are in severe pain. Often, the problems with the lower back have deteriorated to a point where more treatment is required. However, preventing lower back injuries is quite simple. Here are seven tips that will help protect your lower back.

Core Exercises

Your core is the area of the body from the bottom of the rib cage to just below your hips. Exercising this area keeps your back muscles strong and keeps your body slim. There are a lot of easy ways to do these exercises. One of the best ways is walking up and down the stairs. If you work in an office where you take the elevator up a couple of floors, just take the stairs. It may be laborious at first, but after a while, you will feel great.

Good Posture

Many people sitting at their desks for long periods of time are prone to slouching. This puts increased pressure on your lower back and causes lots of pain. Practice good posture when sitting and standing. Another benefit of good posture is that you will naturally command respect and look slimmer.

Proper Lifting

Do not lift objects with your back, ever. Do not bend over to pick stuff up. Squat down and get a secure grip on a heavy object, then initiate the lift by squeezing your glute muscles (your butt) and that will drive your hips up and keep your back in the proper position.

Compete Intelligently

One of the easiest ways to hurt your back is in sports. Make sure you are performing actions correctly in a competition so that you do not hurt your back.

Get Healthy

There is no way around this point – if you are obese, your back will be under more stress. Make sure you are getting healthy. If you are not healthy, start slow and get to a good place.

Travel Smart

If you spend a lot of time on a plane or do a lot of driving, position your seat properly. For flights, a neck pillow is great for keeping your head in the right position so that your spine doesn’t get contorted.

Stretch Your Hamstrings

The hamstring is a critical muscle that needs to be cared for. Stretching it helps decrease the load on your pelvis and allows your body to be more fluid, meaning your back carries less of your weight.

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