Diagnostic Laboratory Services Offered in Waxahachie

Diagnostic Laboratory Services Offered in Waxahachie

May 01, 2020

A dental emergency can be overwhelming to handle. Usually, so much is going on in your mind ay the same time. Without keenness to details, it is easy to fall culprit of poor health services. It is why you just be keen on the emergency facilities you choose to get your health problems handled. Today we share with you more about diagnostic laboratory services, as well as how to choose the right ER.

Choosing an Emergency Care Facility

Before considering an emergency center, there are a couple of things you must consider. These things will help you make a more informed decision on whether or not the facility will meet your needs. Some of them include the following:

  • Availability – a health emergency does not ask when to happen. At any time of the day or week, you can be facing a health risk that requires urgent care. It is why you must be keen to look for a 24-hour emergency clinic that will meet your needs regardless of what time you seek for help.
  • Qualified medical experts – check to ensure that the emergency center has board-certified emergency physicians, to provide all the health services you may need.
  • Financial flexibility – after your treatment, you realize that you have bills to foot. If you did not consider this factor before your treatment, you are likely to find yourself in a tight spot. Financial systems in emergency facilities should be flexible to accommodate different payment plans. At Altus ER, we have personnel advocates to help with insurance complications that might arise after your treatment.
  • Convenience – there is a reason most people end up choosing diagnostic centers near them. This has to do with proximity. The location of the ER should be closer to your home than not. This allows you to get your treatment with the required urgency.
  • Multiple services – once you are in a medical facility the last thing you want is to be referred to another facility to get different services. It helps to know that the clinic you are at, will cater to all your health needs within the same space. Ideally, be on the lookout for Emergency centers that have a wide range of laboratory services on-site, as is the case with our full-on diagnostic laboratory. This features a very important aspect of an ER. Diagnostic laboratory services are the best way to ensure a thorough diagnosis of your health condition, to ensure you are getting the right treatment for your problem.

What Are Diagnostic Services?

They are services offered by medical experts regarding thorough lab testing. In any medical diagnostic center, the idea is to get the correct analysis of the exact problem a patient has. This way, any treatment, and prescription give will not be a misdiagnosis of the underlying health problem. This then avoids malpractice in emergency care facilities.

Which Diagnostic Services Do We Offer in Altus ER in Waxahachie?

  • Pregnancy tests – any pregnancy-related problems can be diagnosed in our labs. This is especially beneficial to women who have high-risk pregnancies that can even be life-threatening.
  • Cardiac screening – matters of the heart can be examined by our medical experts. It is why we have treatment options for heart problems like heart attacks.
  • Kidney ailment screenings– just because you have 2 kidneys does not mean that they cannot sabotage the quality of your life. Kidney problems and failures are fairly common in emergency centers.
  • Drug screening – do you suspect a drug overdose? Are you concerned that your teenager is in drugs? Do you think your allergic reaction is from the medication you are using? All these matters can be set straight with drug screening in our laboratories.
  • Thyroid evaluations– thyroid-related problems can also have dire consequences in your health, sometimes, proving fatal. Such an evaluation can be made by our medical professionals in our diagnostic laboratories.


The above-mentioned diagnostic services are not in any way conclusive. They are but only a few of those we offer in your ER. The next time you think of a suitable ER facility for you and your family, consider one that can offer you such services and more.

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