Why would I come to Altus Emergency Center instead of an urgent care or traditional ER?

Unlike urgent care centers, Altus Emergency Centers are always open. That means every day and night of the year; we are here for you. We also have the ability to handle all medical emergencies, something Urgent Care Centers simply cannot do. Our diagnostic services are also on site so that laboratory diagnostics and x-ray, CAT scan, or ultrasound imaging can be done right away. Unlike hospital ERs and urgent care centers, we also have no wait times. That means that patients immediately see a physician for treatment without the uncomfortable wait times of other facilities. We also have an entire department focused on pediatric emergencies, which is not common in other centers.

What is an Emergency Medical Condition?

The definition of an emergency medical condition follows what’s called the “prudent layperson standard.” This means that, according to federal and state law, a situation is a medical emergency if a person with average medical understanding believes it is one. However, these situations are usually quite easy for anyone to identify because most medical emergencies involve pain, traumatic injury, bleeding, or other symptoms that threaten the well-being—and possibly the life—of the person involved. We at Altus Emergency Center have experience with all types of emergencies and advise our patients that if you aren’t sure if it’s an emergency or not, then it probably is.

Does Altus Emergency Center treat children?

Yes! Every single Altus physician has a background in emergency medicine, many with family medicine as well. In addition, our dedicated pediatric physicians specialize in pediatric care for all types of emergencies and illnesses. Our dedicated pediatric ER is specially equipped for younger patients and offers an environment designed to reduce stress in a protective, nurturing context.

Can Altus send my prescriptions to my local pharmacy?

Yes! We can send your prescriptions to your local pharmacy in a number of ways, either electronically or over the phone. In addition, we have programs in development to have prescriptions delivered directly to you at our centers to make the process even more convenient for you!

Are there cases where I would need to be admitted to a hospital?

In some cases, a hospital visit may be required, although Altus Emergency Centers are able to handle the vast majority of cases on-site. In the event that a hospital visit is necessary, we can arrange a transportation option for you to the hospital of your choice. We can also help you decide on the best hospital option.

Does Altus accept insurance?

Yes, we accept most insurance plans. In addition, we offer many flexible options through our Patient Advocate Department to make sure that you receive the best possible care without the stress of paying entirely out-of-pocket.

What if Altus is not in my insurance network?

According to federal and state law, insurance companies must pay for medical emergencies regardless of their network. Because emergencies are protected by the prudent layperson standard, even if the emergency was not life-threatening, the law still requires your insurance company to cover the costs.

What if my insurance company or I can’t pay?

Our Patient Advocate Department is available to help you in the instance that you or your insurance company can’t pay. Our billing specialists will walk you through the process and help you read between the lines. Also, we have multiple payment plans, financing, and hardship options available for patients facing difficulty with the costs of care. For your peace of mind, Altus Emergency Center provides the most transparent fee disclosure so that you are never unclear about what you owe.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all forms of traditional payment such as cash, check, and credit card. In addition, we also accept Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) payments. Please check with your employer to see if you have an active account.

Do you accept Medicare and Medicaid insurance?

Unfortunately, we are not contracted with Medicare and Medicaid. However, we do offer all incoming patients a complimentary medical screening.

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