How Does Colder Weather Affect My Knee Injury?

How Does Colder Weather Affect My Knee Injury?

Jul 01, 2019

You may be reading the title to this blog and thinking, “Cold weather isn’t that much of a concern in Texas.” But when it comes to knee injuries, even the mildest drop in temperature can cause people to seek out an ER in Waxahachie due to an increase in pain level.

Winter Travel is a Concern

Even though you live in a moderately hot climate, you should stay concerned about orthopedic injuries in Waxahachie if you plan any winter travel or winter activities like skiing or hunting. That’s why this blog is a timely read for anyone concerned about taking proper care of their knee injury sooner rather than later!

Colder Weather Can Impact Specific Types of Knee Injuries

Although the drop in temperature – which causes an increase in pain sensors within your body – can make many new and old injuries seem more severe, the three types of knee injuries that cause many people to search for a “Waxahachie ER near me” in colder weather are runner’s knee, any type of physical trauma to the knee, and patellar tendonitis (more commonly known as “jumper’s knee”). Some of the things that cause pain to flare up during a drop in the mercury include:

  • A drop in barometric pressure which causes fluids in joints to expand and cause pain
  • Cold humidity that impacts the cellular structures of the cartilage and bone
  • An increased sensitivity in the nerves of the joint due to inflammation, scarring, or adhesions
  • An increase in the viscosity of joint fluid which restricts mobility

Listening to Your Body is Important in Any Temperature

Keep in mind, however, that additional aches from an injury could also be your body’s way of telling you that something more than the cold is impacting your injury. You can try some home remedies such as keeping the joint warm, using knee compression bands and maintaining a good winter weight, but if you’re concerned that your knee is screaming for more attention than you can give, it might be time to visit an emergency room in Waxahachie such as Altus Emergency Care.

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