Altus Emergency Center in Waxahachie, Texas Has Been Approved to Provide the “BAM” Treatment Against Covid-19!

One of the latest developments in the fight against the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus which sparked a worldwide pandemic is an innovative new treatment called Bamlanivimab. We call Bamlanivimab “BAM” for short. The “BAM” treatment was able to reduce the severity of symptoms and prevent hospitalization for adult patients who were given the treatment within ten days of showing symptoms. The drug may limit the amount of the virus in the body, or keep it from duplicating, growing, and spreading.

The Facts About Bamlanivimab

If you are looking for Covid-19 treatments in Waxahachie, Texas you may qualify for Bamlanivimab treatments for coronavirus. If you are an adult patient who has been showing symptoms for ten or less days then you may be a candidate for the treatment. It is not meant for patients who are already in the hospital for coronavirus, but instead for preventing at risk patients from having their symptoms develop to the point that hospitalization is necessary.

How the “BAM” Treatment Works

Bamlanivimab is currently being investigated for it’s benefits in treating the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It is not a vaccine, but instead is used to treat the symptoms of adult patients who have moderate symptoms.

Studies have shown that Bamlanivimab can reduce symptoms and make hospitalization less likely. It works by using artificial, man-made antibodies. These fake antibodies work alongside the real ones to fight off the virus. They may also be able to promote healthy natural antibody production in the body.

Is the “BAM” Covid Treatment Safe?

Our Waxahachie, Texas Emergency Center is currently providing the “BAM” treatment for Covid-19 for qualifying patients. The side effects of this drug are mostly unknown due to its recent development. The FDA has not fully approved of the “BAM” treatment yet because more research needs to be done, but it has been approved as an investigational drug and for emergency use.

If you are an adult who has been experiencing Covid-19 symptoms on a moderate scale for less than ten days then you may qualify for the BAM treatment. It has been shown to reduce the spread of the virus in the body and prevent symptoms from worsening. Allergic reactions may occur resulting in fever, lightheadedness, hives, and a range of other symptoms. Contact your provider to ask if the BAM treatment is right for you.

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