Diagnostic Laboratory Services in Waxahachie, TX

Are you worried that your teenager may be currently using drugs? Have you been told you suffer from kidney, liver, heart or even thyroid issues? Think that you might be pregnant? At Altus Emergency Center, our board-certified emergency physicians provide a wide range of laboratory medical services on-site for our emergency room patients in need of prompt medical diagnosis and immediate treatment. At Altus Emergency Center we offer thorough lab testing with our full diagnostics laboratory in Waxahachie, TX, many patients can receive results within about 30 minutes. All results from our laboratory testing are then reviewed by our board-certified physicians to ensure that you are provided with the best treatment and medical care for your exact condition.

Wondering what kind of laboratory testing we provide at Altus Emergency Center? Our services at our diagnostic laboratory in 75165 include:

  • Kidney Ailment Screenings
  • Liver Disease Screenings
  • Anemia Screenings
  • Drug Screenings
  • Thyroid Evaluations
  • Cardiac
  • Urine Analysis
  • Pregnancy
  • CBC
  • BMP
  • LFT
  • Flu

Medical Lab Testing Process

At Altus Emergency Center in Waxahachie, we provide various laboratory tests to diagnose and properly treat our patients. Lab testing typically involves three steps, including:

  • First, the specimen sample will be collected. You will be asked to provide a certain type of specimen depending upon your complaints and condition. Certain tests may require urine or even blood to properly diagnose a condition and provide the necessary treatment.
  • Second, the specimen sample will be processed. Our technicians at diagnostic laboratory in Waxahachie process all the specimen samples provided at Altus Emergency Center.
  • Last, the data from your specimen sample will be analyzed. Once your sample has been processed in our in-house laboratory, your emergency physician will examine the results. Based upon the results additional testing may be recommended, a treatment plan will also be created to address any findings.

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Think that you or a loved one may need immediate laboratory testing for an illness, injury or medical condition? Check-in online at Altus Emergency Center prior to coming and receive immediate medical attention when you arrive at our freestanding ER in Waxahachie. We look forward to proving the exceptional medical care you and your loved ones deserve.

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