Observation Program in Waxahachie, TX

What is an Observation Program?

In many cases, a medical condition might arise that is serious but does not require immediate emergency treatment. In these cases, we at Altus Emergency Center in Waxahachie follow the protocol of other ERs through our Observation Program in 75165. Also known as a clinical observation unit (COU), the Observation Program was developed to continue evaluating patients who may not need emergency care. For example, a patient may come in with chest pain, but further observation is required to see if there is a risk of cardiac arrest.

Like other clinical observation units, our Observation Program in Waxahachie, TX is dedicated to making sure our patients receive the correct diagnosis before treatment. This reduces not only overall costs but also makes sure that our patients are getting the best possible care.

Our Observation Program monitors patients for up to 24 hours to determine the best course of treatment. At that time, a decision is made by our physicians as to whether to discharge or admit a patient.

Why Observe?

The main reason behind our Observation Program is to reduce the number of admissions. Sometimes patients come in with what they think is an emergency but is, in fact, something less serious. Rather than expend resources on these cases, we can monitor them and direct our attention to more serious cases until we determine the issue. Similarly, we use our Observation Program to make sure that when we discharge a patient, they can leave knowing that they are not at risk of further complications.

A final reason is infection control. By observing patients with infectious conditions, we can determine if they can be safely discharged. This not only helps the patient but also helps control the spread of infection to the community as a whole.

Patient Benefits

Observing patients through this program not only allows us to use our resources better, but also reduces costs for our patients. Instead of running redundant lab diagnostics or performing treatments that may not be necessary, we at Altus are dedicated to making sure our patients receive the best possible treatments—fast!

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