Pediatric Emergency Care in Waxahachie, TX

There are few events more stressful for a parent than a child injury. Altus Emergency Center has a full team of pediatric emergency physicians, nurses, and techs that can handle any pediatric emergency that comes our way.

We are dedicated to providing our young patients with an environment that reduces stress while doing the best to facilitate a quick treatment.

Our pediatric emergency care in 75165 is isolated from our primary ER, protecting children from adult patients without sacrificing the finest emergency services. Our equipment is also customized for pediatric needs.

Specialized Care

Here at Altus Emergency Center in Waxahachie, our pediatric doctors, nurses, and technicians are specialists with years of training and experience. They have both the tools and the knowledge to make sure your child receives the best treatment possible as fast as possible—with the least amount of worry. Our team can handle any emergency situation, regardless of its severity.

Infectious Conditions

Infectious conditions are some of the most common reasons for ER visits. Our pediatric urgent care near you can handle anything from severe colds to more severe conditions. Some conditions we treat include the flu, bronchiolitis, strep throat, and gastroenteritis.

Chronic Recurring Illnesses

We also treat recurring illnesses in our younger patients. These most commonly include asthma and related breathing problems. We also treat less common childhood diseases, such as childhood diabetes, sickle cell anemia, and hemophilia.

Traumatic Injuries

One of the most common reasons for visits to the pediatric ER is traumatic injuries. This includes trauma caused by falls from trees or the playground, accidents on bikes or riding in cars, and injuries during sporting events. We treat everything from concussions to fractures to sprains and strains.

Environmental Injuries

The most serious conditions that we treat usually involve environmental situations. This includes poisoning, allergic reactions, drowning, and smoke inhalation. These are serious events that require the most attention.

Whether it’s a recurring ailment or a traumatic injury, we at Altus Emergency Center in Waxahachie, TX are dedicated to making sure your child recovers safely and goes on to lead a full and healthy life.

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